Shu Lea Cheang & STWST
Kitchen Social Act
Maindeck / Sat, 16:00 - 18:00 + Sun, 16:00 - 18:00

MAKE BREAD. EAT PICKLE., a Kitchen Social Act with hyper informed dough and ever fermenting pickles, is conceived to make and eat food together while engaging in conversations on thinking strategies for food production and distribution.

As we emerge from the State imposed confinement with virus among us, we are left with no “normal” to get back to and no “new normal” to step into. During the confinement period #quarantinebaking is trending and local small farms rise to the occasion dispatching seeds and organizing food trucks. From farm to table, we need to review and redesign the global food supply and distribution systems.
MAKE BREAD is an act of “cultural manipulation” - make a giant sourdough starter and bake breads by inviting people to bring their own home grown starters to mix in. EAT PICKLE sources fresh vegetables from local farms for fermentation and preserving.
The pickled vegetables are reserves for the future as we speculate on hard times and happy hours. Set up by the Donau river bank in open air setting, we gather the Linz’ citizens and visitors to make and share the freshly baked loaves of sourdough breads and seasonal pickles through the 48 hours of STWST48x6.
Let the dialogues begin …Long live the Mother Yeast. Pickle the Future.

MAKE BREAD. EAT PICKLE. Kitchen Social Act.
OPEN CALL: Bring your yeast starters for the making of hyper informed dough + bring your cherished pickel jars to share!

Connection zu Hyper Informed Dough.

Shu Lea Cheang (USA) is an artist-filmmaker-networker whose work aims to re-envision genders, genres, and operating structures. As a net art pioneer, her BRANDON (1998 - 99) was the first web art commissioned by New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. From homesteading cyberspace in the 90s to her current retreat to post-netcrash BioNet zone, Cheang has devised social interface and open network to permit public interventions. 3×3×6, a mixed media installation was exhibited at the Venice Biennale 2019 representing Taiwan. She is currently at work on UKI, a viral love bio hack cinema with a CNC/DICRéAM (France) development fund and a Guggenheim Fellowship (2020).

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