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Hyper Informed Dough
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Start your own culture! Information instead of cultural purity! For Hyper Informed Dough we call for the development of own dough cultures and to bring “cultural approaches” into STWST. We will process the collected starter and information into a “Hyper Informed Dough”, which will be presented in the context of “MAKE BREAD. EAT PICKLE.

The history of sourdough can be traced back to the 4th century BC. Fermentation by vinegar, lactic acid bacteria and wild yeasts made the bread last longer, easier to digest and more complex in taste. The cultivation and passing on of the sourdough has been a fixed component of a multitude of cultures ever since. Some bakeries have been cultivating the same dough for several hundred years and scientists scraped sourdough from 4,500 year old clay vessels, reactivate it and bake bread from it.

The development of a sourdough is largely dependent on its microbial environment, sourdough collects information and reflects its environment - once cultivated, it changes its environment and creates an environment that is beneficial to it through acid and yeast fungi. The microbial climate in old-established bakeries is more decisive for the development of sourdough than the flour used. Each sourdough is therefore different and a different mix of different cultures and information.

CALL: Start your own culture! Information instead of cultural purity! For Hyper Informed Dough we therefore call upon you to develop your own dough cultures and to bring these cultural approaches to STWST on Friday, September 11th from 6:00 pm. We will process the collected approaches and information into a Hyper Informed Dough, which will be presented one day later, on Saturday September 12th, in the context of MAKE BREAD. EAT PICKLE. together.

And this is the beginning of the end of cultural purity: The starter in STWST.
Bring your own dough. Let's hyper inform ourselves.

Hyper Informed Dough is a project by Stadtwerkstatt.

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