Measuring Ship Eleonore
Sat and Sun 06:00 - 10:00 (Morning Hours!)
Linz, Lunzerstrasse 90

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Stadtwerkstatt offers a excursion to the measuring ship Eleonore, which anchors in the Traun River. The energy-self-sufficient ship, it's history and this year’s projects on Elenore will be presented.

Stadtwerkstatt offers two guided excursions as part of STWST48x6 MORE LESS: One goes to the measuring ship Eleonore, which anchors in the south of Linz in the Traun River. STWST has been operating the Eleonore measuring ship for more than ten years as an art ship and autonomous location on the periphery, as a research laboratory on the water, as an autonomous isolation island and sink tank for artists and critical producers. The energy-self-sufficient ship, on which residencies with art-, information- and water reference take place, will be presented.

Furthermore, during STWST48x6 MORE LESS, this year's projects will be shown at the Eleonore:
Die dritte Natur / Franz Xaver - Infolab
ml-iso-la-ti-o-nis-mus / taro knopp
Grundl Panorama / STWST und Apephonie Productions

Das Messschiff Eleonore ist ein mit der Stadtwerkstatt assoziierter Ort, auf der die STWST einige ihrer Projekte/Residencies betreibt. Die Stadtwerkstatt ist ein seit 1979 bestehender autonomer Ort der Linzer Kunst- und Kulturszene, das diverse Projekte und Arbeitsschienen zwischen Kunst und kultureller Transformation betreibt.
Messschiff Eleonore:,

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