bkeepr1 (AKA Bioni Samp)
AV Streaming Pandemic Diary
Live-Stream + Screening im Clubraum / Sat, 23:00 - 24:00

Missing my bees while synthing into the night on solstice. After watching two 'Super Moons' during Lockdown. A streaming pandemic diary, with live performance audio memories of being outside in remote nature spaces.

bkeepr1 is a new alias for Bioni Samp streaming from home in the CV age. With a reconnected home studio and 'Hive Synthesiser' accompanied by experimental lockdown videos. A new streaming performance ZOO-M-EARTH.

I started to hear birds in the trees, my for the first time ever outside my London home. I also noticed that I didn't have to take my asthma inhaler as soon as I got up. Or smell the sooty pollution coming in the open window every morning. Bees and other insects would fly in unexpectedly, not scared away by traffic noise.

Nature seemed to be having a holiday in urban spaces. I discovered that it was happening all over the world due to the pandemic. Nature it seemed was getting a pause on human encroachment. Or so I thought. But now I hear the pandemic is being used to cover up deforestation and resource extraction (mining) in protected areas all over the world.

bkeepr1 is a new alias for Bioni Samp streaming from home in the CV age. As an electronic music producer and seasonal beekeeper. I was inspired to learn more about bee frequencies and make a creative work that incorporated these bee frequencies in the hope of raising awareness about bees and their increasingly fragile ecology system’.

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