Jakob Breitwieser
Hydroponic float design
First Floor, Foyer / Continuous

Hydroponic float design in process: This year as an image reminder and a model, which both symbolizes the permanent open process down the STWST danube shore.

For friends of the opponents of function and finalization Jakob Breitwieser has already been building a hydroponic float on the Danube river since the previous year. A basic design of a floating body was created in 2019 out of materials from Kunstlager Nord and the artist. The basic idea of a “hydroponic planet design” was to be understood as a plant-planetary construction without earth, and as an Not-No-Pontoon of a new hydroculture between plants and humans. This year Jakob Breitwieser worked on further models of a wild-growing structural counter-concept that works in the challenging environment of the river - as an imagined reminder and with open end.

NOTNOPONTON REMINDER is part of a continuous examination with DeckDock, the STWST-Danube shore, at Danube Kilometre 2135.

A work by Jakob Breitwieser.

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