Greenhouse fantasy 6
Upper Maindeck / Continuous
Popcorn distribution performance: approx. every 2 hours

Producing against eating away: For 48 hours and inside a glass house a popcorn machine is transforming grains of corn into airy, edible products.

A greenhouse as a temple. The conventional plastic-aluminium object with multi-layered symbolic effect is used to illustrate a production and distribution process. A popcorn machine runs for 48 hours inside the greenhouse, transforming grains of corn into airy, edible products. The transformation process cannot be reversed. The greenhouse becomes a glasshouse and showroom, a laboratory for aesthetic machinations. In regularly recurring, short periods of time, the artists' collective distributes food to the audience: producing against eating away.

A project within the series GLASHAUSFANTASIEN (“Greenhouse Fantasy”) by freundinnenderkunst.

Technical Support: Matthias Tremmel, Daniel Stimeder

Since 1999, freundinnenderkunst has been working as an artist collective in Linz. The essential thing for them in developing their joint artistic work is to bring together the most diverse approaches and to make use of the possibilities of presence and space as a group. This inevitably or naturally leads to the staging of their own artistic work.

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