Online Performance
Live-Stream + Screening in the Club Venue / Fri, 19:00 - 19:30

The connection link we will use:
https://zoom.us/j/93113189232 Pass: breath
Sound and video for the audience will be off, chat is on.
Viewing recommendations can be found here

Breathing is an online performance, where, while using individual audio triggers, performers weave an intimate, healing-breathing soundscape, that also presents itself as a blind dance.

Respiring … respiring, suffocating, holding the breath, gulping, panting, wheezing, gasping, sighing, puffing, inhaling, exhaling … inhaling, exhaling.

Breathing is an online performance by Utterings, a group of artists whose main focus is pre-language communication.

Using a set of individual audio triggers, we weave an intimate, healing-breathing soundscape. By wearing blindfolds we resist distraction from the intimate imagery our bodies produce in the interface and will focus solely on the listening and the unveiling of each respiratory input. To keep our bodies alert in front of the screen and to make way for Breathing as a sort of blind dance, we will also use motion triggers.

What happens when a largely unheeded biological process is brought to awareness? What memories are activated through each other’s breathing? What do we do with this? What stretch of play can my breathing endure? What space does your breath take next to mine?

Utterings, a group of six artists whose main focus is pre-language communication. They try to develop an on the fly “new” language, that forwards attention, trust and feeling above rationality. In Utterings communication is not approached as a transmission of information, ruled by code or abstract conventions, but as connection through affection, attention, glitches and even voids. Utterings is composed of Annie Abrahams (FR), Daniel Pinheiro (PT), Constança Carvalho Homem (PT), Curt Cloninger (US), Nerina Cocchi (BE) and Derek Piotr (US). https://utterings.hotglue.me

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