SILK Fluegge
7 easy tricks to manipulate your peeps in 40 minutes
Workshop + Lecture Performance
PREMIERE Workshop Performance: Upper Maindeck / Sat, 16:00 - 17:00
PREMIERE Lecture Performance: Stadtpfarrkirche Urfahr (Church beneath STWST) / Sun, 14:00 - 15:00

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Less or more ego? In this workshop performance, omnipresent claims and attempts at manipulation are learned and examined. Where is the ego between foreign and self manipulation?

Together with the likeable Jerca Rožnik Novak, methods of foreign and self-manipulation are learned and illuminated. The world of counsellors, life changes, influencers, gurus and many others is traversed - at an uncanny speed that can seem like standstill. This brings a shower of knowledge or disappointed glimpses behind the scenes. Was this spontaneously unprepared or are you preparing for the unprepared? In a society in which powerlessness increases, the desire of the subjects to regain power by manipulating others and themselves arises. The ego becomes small, disappears inside and yet reappears as an all-encompassing big one. What kind of image does the mirror of manipulation show? How does one break out of a narcissistic top? And how would you react? Do you take the balm for the soul or the lips? A 60-minute workshop performance by SILK Fluegge under the artistic direction of Silke Grabinger.
The language of the performance is english. Minimum age of participation: 16.

With many thanks for the support: Der grüne Anker / Stadtpfarrkirche Urfahr.

SILK Fluegge is a collective of female artists for contemporary dance and contemporary art. The collective's artistic work includes performances in theatres, interventions in museum and public spaces, and art/cultural education. The work of the collective is strongly concerned with mediality and space, is participative, interactive, site-specific, and reinterprets the theatrical space. Thematically, the productions revolve around socio-politically topical issues.

Image: Meinrad Hofer

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